Resolving Legal Issues For Galleries and Collectors

The Hoffman Law Firm has advised collectors, galleries and museums involving a range of legal issues. This includes all variety of art law issues, from authenticity to good title and the creation of restricted gifts or the naming of buildings and galleries. Attorney Barbara T. Hoffman has experience negotiating multimillion-dollar deals for dealers and collectors.

Advising Galleries

Galleries are key players in the art market. The firm acts as adviser to numerous galleries on behalf of their artists. With rare exception, the firm does not represent galleries in disputes with artists. Instead, the firm counsels galleries on the full gamut of issues, including:

She also represents community-based galleries and performance art groups in matters related to obtaining tax-exempt status and other art law issues.

Representing Collectors

The firm has advised collector clients on all legal matters related to the acquisition, retention and disposition of art and antiquities with a focus on cross-border transactions.

Attorney Barbara T. Hoffman has counseled collectors in: