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Art Law: An Overview Of The Firm’s Practice

Attorney Barbara T. Hoffman is one of the pioneers in the development of art law, a mix of a variety of legal fields, from intellectual property issues to international law, litigation, commercial law and estate planning. The field of art law focuses on how these specific legal fields apply to the unique issues encountered by participants in the art world.

What is art law? See Barbara Hoffman’s answer in her exclusive interview for One Art Nation here.

Related areas of practice in this field include, but are not limited to:

Representing Clients Throughout The Art World

Ms. Hoffman’s work in this field includes working with clients on a full range of transactions and litigation issues. This includes clients such as:

The firm’s work with these clients may include, by way of example, advice on intellectual property issues, commissions, international private sales, recovery of stolen art, authentication, title and provenance issues, auction consignments and sponsorships, branding and conflict of interest policies.

Additionally, the firm has advised governments on the return of stolen antiquities, mediation of art and cultural heritage disputes and sustainable cultural heritage issues involving site management, World Bank guidelines and leveraging the funding source and tourism.

Mediation And Arbitration Of Disputes

The firm mediates art, intellectual property and cultural heritage disputes. The firm is particularly interested in the mediation of cultural heritage disputes arising out of large infrastructure projects and tourism and their impact on indigenous peoples’ claims to traditional knowledge, copyright and sacred sites. Ms. Hoffman is a member of WIPO-ICOM Art and Cultural Mediation Panel since 2010 as well as the arbitrator of American Film Market (Independent Film & Television Alliance) since 1985.

TV, Film, Entertainment And Information Technology

The firm counsels documentary filmmakers, TV production companies and internet content providers. In addition to obtaining literary property rights, the firm handles all contracts related to production as well as handling matters involving:

  • Choosing a business entity such as an LLC or corporation
  • Contracts for directors, cast and writers
  • Acquiring life story rights
  • Representing the production of theatrical and commissioned operatic and musical works

Ms. Hoffman is a pioneer in her representation of performance artists and the producers of visual performance art. The firm also represents producers and presenters in visual performance art and theatrical performances. Ms. Hoffman is experienced in cutting-edge areas such as visual performance art, digital media and content, and transitory art. Her knowledge in film, TV and intellectual property law facilitates counseling of clients who seek to monetize and exploit content, including advising on the digitization and sale of collections and the assessment of intellectual property assets.

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“Art world insider, Barbara Hoffman, is my go to choice for any artist or collector to develop a long range vision and successful legal strategy. She has consistently combined creative out of the box thinking with incomparable knowledge and decades of experience to assist me and all those that I have referred to her.”

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